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Drs. Terry and Dawn Daniels Welcome You!

Serving Warsaw since 1997

We see patients from all walks of life, with various needs. Regardless of your age, chiropractic can be helpful for relief and rehabilitation after an accident or injury.

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Welcome to Daniels Family Chiropractic, PC

Wyoming County Chiropractors Providing Customized Care

Looking for personal, local care that won’t make you feel like a number?
Drs. Terry and Dawn Daniels are Wyoming County chiropractors with a passion for
making each patient understand how unique and important they are. Our chiropractors
and staff are committed to helping people, supporting your recovery process,
and promoting healthy living.

Daniels Family Chiropractic is easy to find and centrally located in
Wyoming County. Just look for our state-of-the-art building and private
parking lot.

What Makes Us Different?

As Palmer College of Chiropractic graduates, Dr. Terry and
Dr. Dawn Daniels each received the very best in education and clinical
training. They bring with them an ability to adapt the many techniques they
learned in school – as well as the extra training they’ve undergone in nearly
20 years in practice – to care for each patient comprehensively. We see:

  • Patients of all ages
  • Acute care patients in pain
  • Wellness patients seeking true health
  • Everything in between

Make your body a better place to live! Call (585) 786-5830 today to start on your
journey to optimal health with chiropractic care.

~ Drs. Terry and Dawn Daniels
Wyoming County, Warsaw, Pavilion, Attica Chiropractors
Phone: (585) 786-5830