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What to Expect

Before Your Arrival

Welcome mat

You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

We encourage you to fill out your New Patient Paperwork right in the comfort of your home, and at your convenience. This can save as much as 15 minutes of your valuable time on the day of your first appointment. Don’t worry – if you’d rather not, we’re happy to assist you with all necessary paperwork when you come in for your first visit.

Your First Visit

We welcome you to our practice and ask that you set aside at least 30 minutes for this first appointment. We want to spend adequate time learning about your unique needs and answering any questions you may have. Once you arrive, you will:

  • be greeted by our friendly staff at the front desk
  • complete or turn in any necessary paperwork
  • be escorted to a treatment room by our staff
  • meet your chiropractor

Once the doctor takes a few moments to review your paperwork, he or she will talk with you about your health history. It’s important to us to listen and ask questions regarding your current health concerns. We will perform a full physical examination that will include the following testing:

  • Orthopedic
  • Neurologic
  • Chiropractic
  • X-rays (if necessary)

The doctor will determine based on your examination and case history if you do or do not need X-rays. If you do need to have X-rays taken, we’ll refer you to the hospital across the street.

We will discuss your report of findings and our recommended treatment plan on the second visit.

Your Second Visit

If you accept your chiropractic treatment plan, it will come into full swing at this second visit. You will:

  • be adjusted
  • receive other treatments, care, or counsel – as needed
  • talk about the doctor’s recommendations for continued care
  • have an opportunity to ask questions

No two patients are alike. We understand that your condition is likely not the same as the other patients we are seeing on any given day. You can rest assured your treatment plan and our handling of your case will never be “cookie cutter.”

Visit our techniques page to learn about some of the methods we integrate when crafting a unique care plan for each patient. If you have more questions, give us a call! (585) 786-5830